Our Mission

MEC is dedicated to contributing to the professional development and elevating the standards of the inter-professional team in their pursuit of life-long learning toward providing high quality healthcare.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to develop educational activities that provide the healthcare team with an academic vehicle through which they can fulfill career-long learning commitments and to promote excellence in the delivery of health care. We fulfill this by forming strategic and successful alliances and work in collaboration with other organizations to deliver impactful educational experiences that are designed to improve patient care practices.

Team Members

Teri Valls,


Executive Director

Connie Cantillo

Executive Conference

Services Administrator

Lidia “Lilli” Gutierrez

Faculty / Speaker


Lynne Davidson

CME/CE Joint Accreditation & Compliance Manager

Nathalie Maio

Conference Marketing & Event Manager

What We’re About

The Medical Educator Consortium (MEC) has been a provider of independent continuing medical education for healthcare professionals since 2004. MEC provides activities that stimulate interest, inform, enhance skills and foster the productive exchange of ideas, approaches and experiences among specialties and professionals in medicine.

Our strategic goal is to continue to develop a comprehensive range of activities that emphasize the latest developments, state-of-the-art medical information and enhanced educational strategies for the interprofessional team.

MEC’s continuing education activities are developed to target national and international as well as local and regional audiences. Its program structure and operations facilitate:

  • Identifying barriers affecting patient outcomes
  • Bridging identified inter-professional gaps in knowledge, practice and performance
  • Fostering inter-professional collaboration
  • Promoting life-long inter-professional learning
  • Improving clinical practice and patient outcomes